The Amazing Galveston Historic Tour

The Amazing Galveston Historic Tour

Galveston is home to some of the most inspirational and intriguing historical artifacts and buildings. Experiences ranging from holiday lights trips and the viewing of the palace will be well organized for your enjoyment.

Besides, the extent of creativity in the design of Galveston will amaze you. There are also naturally beautiful rivers, falls, and pools. Our guides are here to ensure that you not only see it but also learn about the history behind it.

A tour of the Bishop’s Palace is usually a huge experience for all visitors. Specific days are set for visiting to allow guests to get the most out of their visit to the site. You will be presented with various schedules and itineraries to choose from.

Galveston’s magical history tour officials will book all the necessary visits to make it even more convenient for you. The building is one of the best historic architectural works, one that makes Galveston a place you want to visit.

Galveston Historic Tour - Bishop's Palace

Our Galveston History Tour will introduce you to the most beautiful historical attractions and sites. Moody Mansion, for instance, is a historical residential building constructed in 1895. It has more than 30 rooms and five balconies.

It is one of Galveston’s most exceptional destinations for tourists. Our tour guides possess an incredible understanding of the place. Your visit with Segway Galveston History Tour will involve exploring the ocean and the Seawall as well.

About the Galveston Historic Tour

You will also visit the Galveston Railroad Museum. The museum is located at the heart of Galveston. It is among the beautiful places our guides will be happy to take you to. At the museum, some of the most important historical events in Galveston will come to light for you.

The museum holds one of the most extensive railroad collections, which has been restored over time. Prepare to have all your curious questions answered. Learn more about the trains and other engaging exhibitions at the museum.

The ocean star offshore drilling rig is possibly one of the most spectacular destinations in Galveston. It cannot go unnoticed by any visitor. With us at your disposal, you will understand and for a moment live the history of the place. Our guides will inform you about the process of the production of offshore oil and gas, supported by models and interactive displays.

Galveston Historic Tour - Railroad Museum

Historic tours of Galveston would not be as interesting without a visit to St Joseph’s Catholic Church. It was built in early 1800 from Neo-Gothic wood. The church design was done by a German architect who had migrated to Galveston in the 1850s and was commissioned to construct it.

The German population here was about 30,000 by the time the church was built. As a matter of fact, they formed close to half of the population of Galveston. For that reason, the clergy had decided that a church should be made so that preaching could go on for Germans even far away from home.

As you plan your next or a new visit, be ready to experience great pleasure. Besides, there’s a lot of fun to be found at Galveston’s most magnificent museums and parks. Don’t forget to check the Victorian houses that belonged to Texas’s wealthiest.

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