Galveston Pirates Tale Tour

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Once upon a time, Galveston was the home of Jean and Pierre Lafitte who are believed to be the most notorious pirates who ever sailed in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico between 1810 and 1823.


Their base of operations was a little Island in Louisiana called Barataria Bay. They were smugglers who privateered under the protection of Cartagena (Columbia today).

In the war of 1812, Jean Lafitte and his skilled Bratarian fleet helped General Andrew Jackson to be victorious over the British in the Battle of New Orleans. After the battle, he moved his fleet down to Galveston Island and established the largest pirate colony in the Gulf and called it Campeche.

On this Segway tour we will zoom by Maison Rouge, Jean Lafitte’s house, show you the Elissa, the official Tall Ship of Galveston, and visit The Pirates, Legends of the Gulf Coast Museum.

Along the way, learn about the buried treasure at Three Trees and see all that remains from Jean Lafitte’s days.

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