Tree Carvings Tour


After the devastating 1900 Hurricane, Galvestonians unified to rebuild the island. First, they built a Seawall for protection. As a matter of fact, it is thought to be the world’s largest Seawall. Upon completion of the massive structure, they used German pumps and piping to move sand and earth from the Port of Galveston to the rest of the island.


The residents hoped to raise the entire island to the same level as the newly built Seawall. When the dirt was moved in, the residents planted trees to prevent soil erosion. That is when thousands of German oak trees were planted for erosion protection. Although, a hundred years later in 2008, the saltwater from Hurricane Ike covered the island killing most of the old oaks.

Tree Carvings Tour Group Photo

Group photo of our clients, alongside our tour guide on the Tree Carvings tour.

Homeowners, however, were emotionally attached to these trees and found it difficult to cut them down. Artists were hired to make tree sculptures out of the dead oak trees. Today, there are 22 of these sculptures scattered throughout the island, and some of the trees are still in the process of being carved. Our wonderful Tree Sculpture Tour will take you to these unique pieces of art.