Tours Overview

Our Galveston tours are an adventure of a lifetime, the most entertaining way to start your vacation! Touring the city on a Segway is so much fun! Anyone over 70 lbs. can easily ride one. You will be taking your own Segway through the city on roads and sidewalks along with our tour guides. It is the best way to see the historical landmarks and sights, up close and personal. Along the way, you’ll naturally become an attraction yourself, which just adds to all the fun.

The Segway is one of the most fun and innovative modes of human transportation. They use an advanced system of computer-controlled gyroscopes that allows riders to propel and pace themselves without having to stop and get off if they want a better view. Segways can be ridden just as safely on roads as sidewalks and you will ride on all of our Galveston tours.

About Our Tour Guides

Our highly trained professional tour guides will teach you how to comfortably ride a Segway before escorting you around the city. Safety is our top priority for riders as well as pedestrians and motorists. Your 30-minute training will include a video along with hands-on assistance while you practice inside our office training area. Once everyone is comfortable operating his or her Segway, we venture out into the city, never exceeding 8 miles per hour. Every rider signs a waiver and insurance forms.

Anyone under 18 years of age must be signed for and accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian. Once you get used to it you will see how easily Segways move, just by adjusting your body weight. They can stop instantly when necessary, so riders and pedestrians can safely traverse the same walkways without any problems. You will be fitted with head protection and when it starts getting dark, lights in the front and back along with florescent gear so that you can be easily seen.

We also train you on street safety since we will be crossing several major streets during our tour. Everyone will stay in formation, yielding to traffic and obeying traffic signs and laws. You will be taught how to slow down to a “walking speed” when approaching pedestrians and to move to the right when you see oncoming foot traffic. It may sound tedious, but learning to ride a Segway is not only fun, but it’s also an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Segway Galveston offers several different guided tours throughout the year. We seek to accommodate all riders while adjusting according to the season:

Magical History Galveston Tour

Group photo of one magical history tour drive in Galveston, along with our tour guides.

The Magical History Tour

This 2-hour 30-minute tour illuminates the history of Galveston’s divers. It also takes you to see the most notable Victorian homes, according to the East End Historical District Association. You will traverse the incredible Strand, which was made famous by Dickens’ On The Strand. You will also see tour the Oprah House, Bishop’s Palace and Moody Mention.

The tour also includes the Port of Galveston where you will see Elissa, the first Tall Ship of Texas and the amazing Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum, which is situated on top of a retired jack-up drilling rig. This museum is so interesting and even exciting!

The Seawall Cruise & The Segway Experience

This is a 1-hour 30-minute tour that allows you to experience the fun of riding a Segway through Galveston without bothering with the city’s history. The tour is mainly on the Seawall and takes in Hotel Galvez, The Murdoch’s, Pleasure Pier and Pier 21, all very interesting destinations.

Tree Carvings Tour Group Photo

Group photo of our clients, alongside our tour guide on the Tree Carvings tour.

The Rat Pack Tour

A great 2-hour tour that will guide you on a historical journey where many actors like Frank Sinatra and Al Capone lived and performed.

The Tree Carvings Tour

This is another 1-hour 30-minute tour that is very timely right now. It visually explains the damage caused by Hurricane Ike and the island community’s efforts to recover and rebuild.

The Haunted Legends Tour

This 2-hour tour will take you on a journey into the shrouded past of Galveston’s famous ghosts and paranormal activity. You will see the places where the myths and legends that have been whispered about for generations took place.

Sunset Tour Photo

Caption on the tour end’s breathtaking sunset.

The Sunset Tour

This is a 2-hour venture into the evening hours to experience the most magical Sunset ever imaginable. This is the highlight of every day on an island and Galveston is no exception. Our tour is a romantic sightseeing journey and perfect for couples in love, or anyone wanting to have a lovely twilight evening.

We Are Your Friends

Segway Galveston is open all year round for tours, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, 4th of July, Bikers Rally, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Art Walk, and Halloween. We are a member of the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce. Thus, proudly support the Mardi Gras Parades, Ball High School, ATM University Galveston, and Farmers Market.

Being actively involved in Galveston’s community life, we provide special services for our community and city government. We love our city and do everything we can to help promote it. We know that without Galveston, there would be no tours. Please inquire about our specials. We look forward to meeting you and giving you an experience you will remember for a lifetime.