The Haunted Legends Ghost Tour


This tour makes Galveston appear to be a cemetery with a beach. You will pass by these cemeteries and see haunted houses where paranormal activity has been documented. There are stories of insanity and mass murder among the population, and there are darker rumors of mystery and the supernatural.


Mysterious lights appear on the haunted houses you will see. Perhaps you will see ghosts in the windows and hear their screams. Maybe you will capture that supernatural image in your camera. Ghosts are said to remain with us when the living experience sudden death. Galveston’s history has certainly experienced that from the pre Columbian days of Native American cannibals to the pirates of early exploration.

There were massive epidemics, fires, and natural disasters as well as a desperate slave population. More recently, the Mafia pushed their crime on the island.

As this was not enough, sudden death happened to 10,000 souls lost in one hurricane evening. This remains as the largest natural disaster in our country.

What do these victims communicate to us the living? This tour is not for the faint-hearted. As well as being fun excitement, it is also frightening and spooky.

The ghosts are still here. Bring your garlic neckless to ward off the ghosts so you won’t take one home as a souvenir.