Rat Pack Tour


Would you like to meet Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, or Al Capone? We can’t promise you that, of course, but we can take you to their playground where they stayed and performed. These celebrities created an interesting and sometimes scandalous history.


From 1915 to 1962 Galveston was called The Free State of Galveston, The Playground of the South. People could forget about prohibition and morality laws. Galveston was wide open and apparently free from restrictions. In fact, the island had a large Red Light District. Fancy casinos and luxurious hotels sprung up, and big-name entertainment arrived.

Rat Pack Tour Photo

In this tour, we can take you where Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior and Al Capone lived, performed and made history.

Galveston was the blueprint of modern day Las Vegas. Our tour will show you where all of that happened, and you will see the spots where the Hollywood Diner Club, The Pelican Club, and the place where the famous Balinese Room existed. The colorful stories of booze smuggling from Cuba and gambling and crime are totally amazing.

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