Why Driving a Segway is One of the Best Things You Can Do in Galveston

Why Driving a Segway is One of the Best Things You Can Do in Galveston

Galveston Island is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Texas, US. This beautiful barrier island on the Golf Coast has it all. From sandy beaches and a port for cruise ships to beautifully restored historic old towns and distinct Southern charm.

Sophisticated Victorian architecture, endless festivals, and fantastic outdoor adventures are also a part of this beautiful place. As a matter of fact, all these fascinations make Galveston a place where you can deeply experience enjoyment and life.

Things to See in Galveston

Once you get the opportunity to visit this magnificent place, you will be able to see fascinating things in the course of your adventure. You will get a chance to visit the Seawall Urban Park – a mile-long beach ideal for driving a Segway.

Top Things to Do in Galveston, Texas

You could also visit the Tall Ship Elissa and the Bishop’s Palace. From there, explore the Galveston Island Waterpark – a place with a spectacular collection of water slides and rides.

Don’t forget to pass by the Strand Historic District, which is located in downtown Galveston. Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum, Galveston Island Railroad Museum, and East End Historic District are also worth visiting.

Some other places worth taking your time include the Grand 1894 Opera House and Galveston’s 61st Street Fishing Pier – an overnight fishing point.

Moody Mansion Museum, The National Oceanic, the Bryan Museum, Galveston Island State Park, Rosenberg Library and Galveston Children’s Museum, and the Moody Gardens are also a part of the list.

Explore the marvelous things Galveston has to offer. In fact, do it on a Segway. They are practical, safe, and cute. Besides, it’s an amazing and fast way of transport, making it easier to move and explore as many places as you can. Are you ready? Let’s go:

Learn Galveston History

Galveston history tour

On this Galveston history tour, experienced guides will take you on a Segway journey through the “Wall Street of the South”. Special attention is given to Bishops Palace, the Sacred Heart Cathedral, and the Moody Mansions.

You will also get the opportunity to pass through the Railroad Museum, which was used during prohibition. The Port of Galveston is not just an interesting viewpoint; it also a memory for the storm of 1900.

Your next stop is the collection of Victorian homes in America, a place that once housed the greatest concentration of millionaires in the United States. In this place, you will get various gossip associated with the wealth acquired by different families residing.

The tour will also pass the rebuilt Pleasure Pier, which used to be the Flagship Hotel’s home and ends at the Seawall. Visitors get the opportunity to take photographs and videos.

The Haunted Legends

Galveston ghost tour

Our Galveston ghost tour is an interesting adventure that involves passing by cemeteries where there are haunted houses. These are the houses where paranormal activities have been documented. The stories revolving around the mass murder of the population and dark rumors of misery.

The Galveston’s history dates back to the days of Native America. There were fires, natural disasters, massive epidemics, and the desperate slave population during that period. Moreover, sudden death, which cost 10,000 souls, was witnessed in one hurricane evening. This incident remains the largest disaster ever recorded in the country’s history.

Do not be scared to see mysterious lights appear on the haunted houses or when you hear the ghosts or hear their screams. You can enjoy these supernatural images by capturing them with a camera.

Tree Carvings Tour

Tree carvings tour

Our wonderful Tree Sculpture Tour will take you to these unique pieces of art. This dates back to 1900, after the shocking hurricane which made Galvestonians unite and build a wall. The wall is perceived to be the world’s largest Seawall. Upon its completion, they used German pumps and piping to move sand and earth from the Port of Galveston to the rest of the island.

After the dirt was moved in, the residents planted trees to prevent soil erosion. This led to German oak trees being planted for erosion protection. Nevertheless, the salty water from Hurricane Ike covered the island leading to the death of most of the old oaks a hundred years later in 2008.

The homeowners found it difficult to cut down these trees since they were emotionally attached to them. Therefore artists were hired to make tree sculptures out of the old oak trees. These sculptors are Jimmy Phillips, Earl Jones, and Dayle Lewis.

This project was aimed at making the citizens cope up with the tragedy. As it stands today, 22 of these sculptures are distributed across the island, and some are still in the process of being carved.

Rat Pack Tour

Galveston rat-pack tour

Our Rat Pack tour will tell you the story about the Free State of Galveston. It was the home of fancy casinos and luxurious hotels. Galveston was the blueprint of modern-day Las Vegas. It was a place where Al Capone and Frank Sinatra stayed and performed.

Free from all government restrictions, the Galveston economy spawned by the illegal business. You will see the spots where the Hollywood Dinner Club, the Pelican Club, and the Balinese Room existed on this tour. It’s fun, entertaining, and knowledgeable.

Sunset Tour

Galveston sunset tour

On this Sunset Tour, our experienced tour guides will take you through the Silk Stocking Neighborhood. You will get an opportunity to hear about important houses such as the Dowry House.

Our Segway will cruise along the Seawall by the historic Pleasure Pier. You will also have the chance to visit the large Murdoch’s Souvenir Shop, which originated in 1910.

The tour briefly visits the Historical District where Gresham’s Castle is located, known as the Bishops Palace. A breathtaking sunset is observed at the Port of Galveston, where the tour concludes. At this moment, the guide will show you the much loved Elissa sailing vessel, the official Tall Ship of Texas.

Some other interesting things to treat your eyes with entail are the magnificent Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise ships. The dolphins are often feasible from the surface of the waters as well.

The most amazing will be the sunset over the water and ships. You will have the chance to keep great memories by taking photographs and videos of these nice sceneries.

Seawall Cruise Tour

Seawall Cruise tour

Seawall tour designed for people who want to experience the joy of a great ride. No stories or history is told along the way while enjoying the ride. Besides, you will be able to experience the breeze and smells of the sea as you travel the Seawall.

Segway Experience Tour

Segway Experience tour

Our guides will have you fully trained and qualified to take a 30 minutes whirlwind tour. If you are short on time and still want to experience the thrill of riding a Segway, this tour is for you.

We will cruise past the historic neighborhoods near the Strand, which is Galveston’s famous main street.

Private Segway Tour

Think of the fun you will have at a birthday party or family reunion! Do you wish to impress your friends or colleagues? If so, our company offers private tours customized to your taste and interests.

We believe your business partners would be interested in having a Segway outing at your corporation gathering. Besides, our trained personnel will help plan your event and adhere to your directions.

Make magic happen. Ask for the references, and we will show you how others have had the experience before.

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    I did a Segway tour of downtown Austin years ago, which was fun and funky. But your Galveston tours look like they are even better ! You guys have done an incredible job building the business and promoting it. I just bet that you guys will be totally booked most of the year.

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