Top 10 Things to Do in Galveston

Top 10 Things to Do in Galveston

Did you know that some of the best things to do in Galveston are free? That’s due to the vibrant and active nature of the island.

Galveston is a famous coastal city, shaped by its tremendous and long cultivated history. The island is becoming a top destination for many tourists. The city is as warm and friendly as a gentle wind. The beaches are as beautiful and welcoming as they’ve always been.

It all depends on what intrigues you as a personality. But one thing is for sure – this place has so many things to offer. Here are some of the most fun things to do on Galveston Island.

1. Explore Galveston by Segway

Segway Galveston among the fun things to do

First of all, hop on a Segway to explore and see all the best beauties of Galveston. It’s a fantastic way of transport for such an astonishing place like Galveston.

You’ll see the marvelous things Galveston has as you roll around on the practical and cute Segway – no worries, this way of transport is safe.

Besides, you’ll save a lot of time with it as you see all of Galveston’s landmarks.

2. Go to the Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

The Moody Gardens includes so many fun and amusing things; you won’t believe this place could exist. Where to start?

Maybe the Aquarium Pyramid with all the secret treasures of the depth of the ocean. Then, the Rainforest Pyramid with one-of-a-kind plants, rare animals, and birds.

Another of the Galveston attractions here is the MG 3D Theater with a stunning massive 4K screen using 6-Primary Laser Projection. Speaking of movies and theaters, why not try the 4D FX Theater?

Here you can even feel sensors in the seats, scents, misters, and even leg ticklers! Are you in the mood for some cruising?

One of the fun things to do in Galveston is seeing the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat – or embarking on a 60-minute cruise while having a nice dinner.

3. Pass by the Strand Historic District

Galveston's Strand Historic District

The Strand Historic District is merely amazing, and there isn’t one thing you can’t see here. Choose from museums, historic places, the Moody Gardens, festivals, art galleries, restaurants and clubs, beaches, and shopping malls.

All the fun things to do in Galveston are right here – something for everyone’s taste and desire. You can even do them all in one day. Pamper yourself with some shopping, see some sights, maybe museums, and then finish up with some wining and dining or perhaps clubbing.

4. Visit the Pleasure Pier

Historic Pleasure Pier in Galveston Island

One of the Galveston tourist attractions is the Pleasure Pier. Breathtaking rides like the Pirate’s Plunge, the Iron Shark Rollercoaster, or the Cyclone and the Galaxy Wheel. Then, there’s exquisite dining from seafood to pizza and delicious desserts.

You’ll be making a mistake if you leave this place without seeing the shops like Pelican’s Bag, Bubba Gump Retail, or Lolli & Pop’s Candy Shoppe – all of them with customized flavors, merchandise, and beverages, among other items.

5. Get Foot into the Bishop’s Palace

Bishop's Palace in Galveston, Texas

And what else to include in the Galveston tours? A definite must-see is the Bishop’s Palace. Once known as Gresham Castle, this palace is stunningly designed in the Victorian style and belongs to the Historic Landmarks.

It was so strong that it even stood against the 1900 hurricane. An amazing castle with a total of 3 floors in total. It has an entrance, parlor, staircase, music room, library, dining room, pantry and kitchen, coat closets, main bedroom, living room, chapel, separate rooms for the Mr. and Mrs., a guest’s bedroom and bathroom, but also storage rooms and art studios.

6. Check out the Railroad Museum

The Galveston TX attractions are countless. Next on our ‘things to do’ list is the Railroad Museum. Inside there are stunning sculptures that look as if they were alive.

Furniture is in an antique style with carpets that correspond to this style. There is also a Harborside Express Train Ride, which lasts about 15 minutes more or less.

It’s an affordable price for an unforgettable ride. And, while you’re here, you will see the Warbonnets, the Rolling Stock, the Model Train (yes, this is for adults too), and much more.

7. Reach the Moody Mansion

Galveton's Moody Mansion

Galveston entertainment surely includes the Moody Mansion. It was formerly known best as the Willis-Moody Mansion (a residential but historic building).

The style was quite distinct and unique, in a Romanesque style and 31 rooms with five huge balconies!

There are tours allowed and organized once in a while. You can also book a wedding here or rent the premises for similar events! Who said Galveston tourist attractions lack grandiosity?

8. Pay a Visit to Texas Seaport Museum

Elissa Ship Texas Seaport Museum

Another of the Galveston attractions is the Texas Seaport Museum. This very place is the base of the tallest ship, Elissa, from 1877. These docks are also named Treasures by the one and only National Trust for Historic Preservation.

You can only imagine what it was like in Elissa’s day when sailors were exploring the waters. This museum also speaks a lot about immigration and seaborne commerce too. More than 133 000 immigrants entered the USA through this exact spot.

9. Examine the Flight Museum

Lone Star Flight Museum

There is more to marvel at in the Lone Star Flight Museum. It is an amazing aerospace museum, with over 40 artifacts on display. They are essential and rare and have historical significance, and they can function, which is very interesting.

This museum has initially been in Galveston, but they moved it to Houston after the awful Hurricane Ike. The start of this museum was impressive; it was a museum for historical artifacts back in 1985. By 1990, it developed so much that it was worthy of some praise and public display.

10. Enjoy at the Seawall Urban Park

Seawall Urban Park in Galveston, Texas

Last but not least, of the Galveston attractions is the Seawall Urban Park. You will be amazed by the glorious beach views here, with a path stretching over 10 miles.

You can walk here, ride a Segway or a bike, or enjoy some jogging – whatever you choose. The views are flawless. There are some highly-rated restaurants with local delicacies here, and you will also see the amusement park that makes this area so famous.

The areas are well-kept so that it’s a pleasure to be here. Enjoy the crystal clear blue water, beautiful golden sand, and perfect sun and breeze.

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