Top 10 Haunted Places in Galveston You Should Visit

Top 10 Haunted Places in Galveston You Should Visit

Galveston has a grand reputation for its dramatic history and the haunted places within the city.

One of the most popular things to do when visiting is to take a ghost tour exploring the haunted Galveston. Its rich and dramatic history make it an excellent spot for ghost hunting.

This town has everything you need to set the stage for amazing ghost stories: Native Americans battling pirates, Voodoo queens, the tragic death of a bride, and the deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

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It seems like there is no shortage of paranormal activities here. Join us in exploring the top 10 haunted places in Galveston:

Top 10 Haunted Places in Galveston

Ashton Villa

The Ashton Villa

This beautiful family home was built by a gentleman named James Moreau Brown in 1859. The ghost of Brown’s daughter Bettie is said to reside there today. In life, she was reportedly an eccentric, free-spirit, and her ghost seems to be the same.

Her spirit has been reported to be seen in various areas of the house. Odd happenings have frequently been reported, including Bettie’s bed refusing to stay made.

Visitors have also reported hearing a male voice arguing with a woman, though nobody can be seen. One assumption is that this is the ghost of one of Bettie’s suitors, angry that she will not marry him.

Bettie is not the only haunt in the house. Visitors and caretakers also claim to hear piano music playing at times. It is thought to be Bettie’s sister Tilly since Bettie never learned to play the piano in life.

Soldier ghosts have also been spotted in and around the home; Ashton Villa served as a hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

St. Mary’s Orphanage

st. Mary Orphanage in Galveston

It is one of the most tragic stories in all of haunted Galveston. During the Great Storm of 1900, 10 nuns tried to protect the 93 orphans under their care.

They tied themselves to the orphans and promised not to let the children go. All but three orphans perished.

Today a Walmart stands on that location, marked by a historical plaque on the nearby sea wall. Employees have reported many hauntings over the years. Full shipments of toys have disappeared, only to reappear later.

Toys are often found all over the store, in places they don’t belong. And, most hauntingly of all, employees report hearing disembodied laughter and crying from a child.

There have also been ghostly sightings of a nun walking on the nearby beach.

Van Alstyne House

The Gingerbread house

Also often referred to as “The Gingerbread House.” It was built in 1891, and after it was a residence, it served as an antique store for many years. It was forced to go out of business because of its hauntings.

Owners tell stories of alarms ringing out at all hours, even though there was nothing to set them off. One incident involved a table being flipped over on its own.

Another involved a toy truck rolling over to a police officer, even though nobody was there to push it. Perhaps the most frightening of all was when a phantom voice threatened the life of a visitor to the shop.

The Bishop’s Palace

Bishop's Palace

This beautiful Victorian home was built in 1892 by Walter and Josephine Gresham. It is widely regarded as one of the most prominent Victorian architecture examples in the United States today.

Perhaps this is why Walter’s ghost roam around inside and outside the home, according to legend. Visitors widely suspect that Walter is protecting the property.

On stormy nights Walter’s spirit seems to be more active, pacing the front porch. Perhaps he remembers the fright of the Great Storm?

Some tourists have also reported feeling somebody hitting or scratching them while they pass by or attempt to photograph the home.

Despite all, the Bishop’s Palace remains one of Galveston’s most significant historical landmarks.

Stewart’s Mansion

Stewart's Mansion

This site has one of the richest histories in haunted Galveston. The land was once the campground of Karankawa Indians and the site of Jean Laffite’s pirate colony. In 1821, the pirates and the Native Americans fought the Battle of Three Trees here.

Since that time, a home was built on the property and changed hands many times over the years. Mansion caretakers have reported seeing ghosts of pirates and Native Americans, as well as hearing them fighting and dying.

The property is also supposed to be haunted by a pack of 12 black hell hounds with flaming eyes.

The dogs were possibly once owned by Laffite and cursed by a Voodoo queen, according to lore. That would make sense once you consider the reports of haunting sounds of Voodoo rituals.

The Stewart Mansion was sold in April 2015 to be used as a clubhouse for waterside development.

Haunted Mayfield Manor

Haunted Mayfield Manor is yet another haunted house in Galveston

Man-made spooks are advertised here, though there may be some actual ghosts beneath it all. Tourists can purchase tickets to this attraction to experience the tale of a doctor gone mad after the Great Storm of 1900.

This attraction is housed in a building that was built in 1867. However, it was used as a makeshift morgue during the storm. Many locals believe that this building truly is haunted.

Broadway Cemetery

Broadway Cemetery, Galveston is part of the most haunted places list

A meeting of 7 burial grounds used between 1839-1939, the Galveston cemetery covers six city blocks. Visitors to this cemetery learn about murders, suicides, and ghosts rumored to haunt the area.

The most famous of the city’s residents are laid to rest here, including Bettie Brown and the founders of Galveston, Michael Menard, and Samuel May Williams.

Maison Rouge Ruins

The Maison Rouge ruins is one of the most prominent haunder places in Galveston

The Maison Rouge is one of the most haunted places in Galveston. There have been many reports about these paranormal activities around the property.

Many people reported strange noises coming from the remains. Another report stated that strange male voices were arguing with one another. But, the most creepy was the report of a shadow moving in the ruins.

Even though the witnesses heard the noises from afar, whenever they got closer, the noises disappeared. Creepy, indeed.

1838 Michel B. Menard House

Michael B. Menard's house is one of the haunted places in Galveston

In 1838, one of Galveston’s founders had this house built, making it the city’s oldest residence.

Over the years, there have been many ghostly reports of groups of children playing in the garden, where several storm victims had been buried.

Many also say that they have seen Menard’s daughter’s ghost crying by the grand staircase, mourning the lover who jilted her.

Some people who have slept there have said they felt somebody watching them in their sleep or also heard laughter.

One guest lodged there by the Galveston Historical Foundation was so frightened by his stay that he refused to stay another night.

Hotel Galvez

Hotel Galvez

Hotel Galvez was built in 1911 and is one of the most well-known hotels and haunts on the island. Today ghost tours flock there to experience one of the most haunted sites in Galveston.

It is most famous for the story of the “ghost bride” who hung herself when she believed her fiancé was lost at sea; however, the scares don’t end there.

Guests claim to have seen candles blowing out on their own and dishes breaking with nobody nearby. Spooky tales of people hearing breathing and kids laughing are not uncommon.

Several staff members claim to have seen a woman in an old-fashioned maid’s uniform and a man walking by together, only to disappear before their eyes.

Perhaps the creepiest tale is that of a young girl spotted bouncing a ball. These all have taken place in areas of the hotel where guests are not permitted. Guests also have reported supernatural experiences in their rooms, and some have even checked out because they were so scared.

The Best Galveston Ghost Tour

The haunted legends ghost tour from Segcity Galveston can give you a taste of all the best haunted Galveston has to offer. As you pass by each of these spots on your Galveston ghost tour, you will hear incredible stories of tragedy, disaster, and crime.

No other tour can move you along so quickly while at the same time allowing you to get close and personal with the famous haunted places of Galveston.

Galveston Ghost tour: Haunted Legends

You will feel the ghostly presence of the spirits of pirates, heartbroken lovers, Native Americans, and lost orphans right beside you as you travel through the city.

Are you brave enough to embark on a spooky Galveston ghost tour? You may not be able to get to sleep that night, but perhaps staying awake is the safer bet when you are in haunted Galveston.

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