Halloween Scare Party

Halloween Scare Party

Do you love Halloween as we do? Then let’s make it a spooktacular one!

Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. We consider it special because it brings experiences that no other holiday can provide.

That’s why… You’re invited to a HALLOWEEN SCARE. Come and join us if you dare. As a matter of fact, we’re giving you something special to consider.

Halloween Special Promotion

We are giving you 25% off for our Ghost Tour: The Haunted Legends. Get into the spirit of this year’s Halloween with our utterly interesting ghost tour. Use promo code: ‘TREAT25’ to get 25% off your total bill and reserve your spot online.


Our famous ghost tour: The Haunted Legends makes Galveston appear to be a cemetery with a beach attached. You will pass by these cemeteries and see haunted houses where paranormal activity has been documented.

There are stories of insanity and mass murder among the population, and there are darker rumors of mystery and the supernatural.

This tour is not for the faint-hearted. As well as being fun excitement, it is also frightening and spooky. The ghosts are still here. Bring your garlic neckless to ward off the ghosts so you won’t take one home as a souvenir.

Tour Information

As we pass by the haunted historic downtown district, you will hear the insanity and mass murder stories in Galveston. Hear the even more disturbing dark rumors and the mysteries of the supernatural!

Our tour guides have extensive knowledge and will tell you a few other secrets about why the island is so haunted. Book now to have your spot reserved!

Check Tour

Tour starts at our office on 519 25th Street, Galveston. Reservations are encouraged and are subject to availability.

Prepare for the scare of your life! Dress-up is encouraged.

If in doubt, please contact us at (409) 692-6691. We love to help our customers!

Note: The Halloween discount promotion lasts from 10/01 up until 06/11. Also, you can check our other tours here.

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