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Group photo of one magical history tour drive in Galveston, along with our tour guides.

Departs: 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm | 75$

On The Magical History Tour, our experienced tour guides will take you on a Segway journey starting with the famous downtown area of Galveston, “The Wall Street of the South.”
You will ride by the The Railroad Museum, used during prohibition, the most notorious era in Galveston’s History. An average of 40,000 people a day got off the train to gamble and visit the “entertainment houses” At the port of Galveston you will enjoy the fascinating view while hearing about some of the horrifying stories about the storm of 1900. The Galvestonians didn’t give up and rebuild everything against all odds, and the Island rose again. Our next stop is the largest collection of Victorian Homes in America which ones housed the greatest concentration of millionaires in America. Will learn how the families build their fortunes and share with you the gossip associated with them. There will be plenty of opportunities for pictures and videos including the Bishops Palace, The Sacred Hart Cathedral and the Sealy and Moody Mentions. And we will conclude our tour at the ocean’s edge where you will Hi five the surfers on the Seawall. Don’t forget your suntan lotion and sunglasses. This is the most fun and exciting tour of Galveston and you will come away with a fascinating history lesson to boot.



Visit the haunted houses and experience the mysterious darkness dance with the Haunted Legends Tour.

Departs: 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm | 69$

This tour makes Galveston look like a cemetery with a beach attached. Faces remain of the episodes of insanity and mass murder. However, there are rumors for things much worse, that have actually marked its splendor from the very beginning..
Mysterious darkness dance throughout wall surfaces. Mutter and strange whispers, not-at-all human figures and shaken images and cameras is all you see and hear. On a Segway nightmare visions become real as a deadly tide begins to engulf us as we get closer to death.  Will you survive? You will hear their screams and feel their breath on your neck. If you believe in the paranormal that ghost are created by sudden death, unfinished business, demonic possession and habitual haunting. And Galveston has more of the above than any other place in the United States. We have cannibals, vicious American Indians, pirates, massive epidemics, fires, horrendous natural disasters, slavery all topped off with a violent mafia that controlled the Island. A cauldron of ghosts, daemons and unnatural spirits. Tragically, 10 000 souls were lost in one evening, the largest natural disaster in US History.
No place else in America can make such a claim. You find out why they won’t stay dead! You will visit their houses and bare witness to extraordinary paranormal activity, if you are lucky run in to few ghost’s and capture their pictures. This tour is not for the faint hearted, it’s scary, spooky and a lot of fun. Bring your garlic because this is one souvenir you won’t want to take home.



Group photo of our clients, alongside our tour guide on the Tree Carvings tour.

Departs: 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm | $65

After the 1900 Hurricane storm Galvestonians got together to rebuild the Island. First, they built a Seawall, which is now known as the world’s largest Seawall. Upon completion of the massive structure they used German pumps and pipes to move sand from the port of Galveston to the Island. In doing so they hoped to raise the entire Island to the same level as the newly built Seawall. After they raised the Island there was a need to plant trees to prevent the soil from eroding. That’s when thousands of German Oak trees were planted all over the Island to help prevent erosion. During Hurricane Ike in 2008 we lost many of these trees because of the flooding. The homeowners were emotionally attached to these trees, and refused to cut them down. So it was decided that artists would be hired to do Tree Sculptures out of the dead Oak trees. Today there are 22 of these sculptures scattered throughout the Island and some are still in the process of being made. Taking the Tree Sculptures Tour will allow you to view these unique pieces of art.



In this tour, we can take you where Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior and Al Capone lived, performed and made history.

Departs: 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm | $79

Do you want to meet Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Al Capone? Well we can’t promise you that, but we can take you where they lived, performed and made history. From 1915 to 1962 Galveston was called The Free State of Galveston, the Playground of The South. Forget about prohibition and morality laws, Galveston was wide open with the largest Red Light District in the world. Fancy Casinos, luxurious hotels, big name entertainment… Galveston was the blue print of modern day Las Vegas and we will show you where it all happened. See their establishments, The Balinese Room, The Hollywood Diner Club, The Pelican Club, all the best that the profits from 20000 cases of booze, smuggled from Cuba could buy. The money flowed and you will be absolutely amazed by the stories.



Caption on the tour end's breathtaking sunset.

Departs: 6:00pm | $65

On this tour we will take you thru the Silk Stocking Neighborhood, and tell you about the Dowry house. We will cruise along the seawall and visit Murdoch’s, Galveston’s oldest souvenir shop. Then, we will briefly visit the Historical District, and catch a glimpse of the beautiful Bishop’s Palace which was once called the Gresham’s Castle. Finally, the tour will end with a visit to the Port of Galveston where you can admire the breathtaking sunset. Being on an Island we have gorgeous sunsets, were no camera filters are needed to capture the moment.



Man and Woman riding Segway on the Seawall Cruise Tour.

Departs: 10:00am, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm | $50

Just because Segway’s are fun and people want to JUST RIDE, we have created the Seawall Cruise where we will take you on a long ride along the seawall and have you experience the smell and the breeze of the ocean. On this tour you will have the pleasure of riding without being bothered about any stories about the history of the Island.



Segway Experience Tour Photo

Departs: 10:00am, 2:00pm and 4:00pm, 6:00pm | 39$

Short on time but still want to ride, the Segway Experience is just for you. Our Experienced Guides will have you fully trained and ready to take 30 min whirl wind tour of the historic Strand and fascinating surrounding neighborhood. Not only you will say “I DID IT“, you will also learn a lot of Galveston’s history and next time be ready to take one of our other exciting  tours. If you can’t commit to the full 2.5h tour this is just the right one for you. But be aware, once you are on you won’t want to get off…they’re that much fun.



Group photo of our Segway team

Please contact us for departing information

Do you want to impress your friends of colleagues? We offer private tours customized to your interest and taste. We are famous for our Birthday Parties, Family Reunions and Corporate Events. Whatever the event rest assured that our trained stuff will work like ninjas to make your event absolutely wonderful and memorable. We can accommodate parties of one to forty, arranged for lunch or dinner while on tour and even decorate our headquarters for a exciting after party. Whatever the event calls for, we will make it happen! Not convinced we can work magic? We will be happy to supply you with the list of corporate friends that take our tours yearly.





Reserve your private tour at a 50% discount. Use code: PRIVATE50 or reserve a spot by phone: (409) 692-6691.

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Reserve your private tour at a 50% discount. Use code: PRIVATE50 or reserve a spot by phone: (409) 692-6691


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      Great guide very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed. Galveston has so many things to see. The old homes is my favorite the tree carvings are unbillable. The Segway is so easy and fun to ride will definitely be back. My in-laws are in their 70 and 80's...More

    thumb Lewismi

      Amazing time! We did the sunset tour. It was myself, my husband, and our 13 and 11 yr old sons. We are not huge history people but listening to our guide Asa tell us about Galveston's rich history was awesome! None of us had ever...More

    thumb Tiffany L

      Asa was incredibly informative and personable - we went on the tree sculpture tour and saw many beautiful sculptures but also learned so many interesting facts about Galveston. It was a great tour. I do think the price of the tour should include the “optional”...More

    thumb Julia H

Segway Tours Guide

Safety is our top priority. Our highly trained professional tour guides will teach you how to comfortably ride a Segway. It may sound tedious, but learning to ride a Segway is not only fun, it’s an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience!


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How hard is to learn to ride a Segway ?

First of all, everyone who doesn’t have problem balancing their self will be able to operate a Segway. The Segways are self balanced machines, so you don’t need to balance it. To be able to operate with them, our professionally trained tour guides will provide you with a safety training and teach you how to safely ride a Segway before you take your tour.

Where can I Buy a Segway?

Our company is an authorized Segway dealer, therefore we offer new and used Segway’s too available for you to take on a test ride anytime. For more info please contact our store manager.

If I own my own Segway, do you offer any discounts on your tours? Can I bring and use my own machine?

Absolutely we do. Please call our store and we will be more than happy to give a discount and let you use your own Segway

Do you run Segway tours when it rains?

The Segway Pt is designed to still operate in rainy conditions, however if it’s icy, severe weather or thunder storms we will contact you and reschedule you tour. The rain will not stop us from giving you an incredible Segway experience. If your tour happens to be affected by the weather, we will do our best to let you know as far in advance as possible.

What is the age & weight limit?

All Segway Riders must be at least 14 years old and their weigh must be between 75 and 300 lbs (please call the store with specific requests and questions). All Segway Riders who are under 18 must have their safety training waivers signed by a parent/guardian, and at least one parent/guardian must be present on the tour.



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