Magical History Tour


On the Magical History Tour, our experienced tour guides will take you on a tremendous Segway journey. We’ll start with the famous downtown area of Galveston – the Strand Historic District. For a time, it was also known as “The Wall Street of the South.”


Magical Galveston History Tour Description

You will pass the Railroad Museum used during prohibition, which was the most infamous era in Galveston’s history. An average of 40,000 people a day got off the train to gamble and visit the “entertainment houses”. At the port of Galveston, you will enjoy the fascinating view while hearing about the horrifying stories about the storm of 1900. The Galvestonians refused to give up. They rebuilt the city against all odds, and the island rose again.

Magical History Galveston Tour

Group photo of one magical history tour drive in Galveston, along with our tour guides.

Our next stop contains the largest collection of Victorian homes in America, which once housed the greatest concentration of millionaires in the United States. You will learn how the families built their fortunes while listening to the gossip associated with their rise to wealth. There will be opportunities for taking photographs and videos along the tour with special attention given to The Bishops Palace, The Sacred Heart Cathedral, and the Sealy and Moody Mansions.

The tour will pass the rebuilt Pleasure Pier, which was once the home of the Flagship Hotel. It will end at the sea where you can mingle with the surfers on the Seawall. Of course, you should remember to bring your suntan lotion and sunglasses for this most exciting, history-filled adventure.