The Best Way to Experience Galveston City is with Segway Tours

The Best Way to Experience Galveston City is with Segway Tours

Have you ever been to the city of Galveston? The Strand Historic District spells out its magnificence. Our Segway tour guides welcome you to experience the splendor of nature and civilization. We will show you places that will definitely make you attracted to this great city. You might even want to bring someone else next time. There is a lot to show and experience: attractions, arts and culture, restaurants, the outdoors, and cruising. This isn’t the average trip you decide to embark on and then regret your efforts later. We will make sure the trip was worth it. And, of course, create unforgettable memories with you.

Our tour guides will take you through a humongous shopping experience in the city’s exquisite shops right in the heart of its beautiful historic buildings. We will show you museums that are beautiful attractions to look forward to. Take, for instance, the Bishop’s Palace. In fact, this mansion is known for its unique architecture. It was once home to a colonel named Walter Gresham, who lived there along with his wife, Josephine. Therefore, it is also known as Gresham’s Castle. It is decorated with marble, making the interior exotic and breathtaking. It’s part of Galveston’s Victorian architectural style, enlisted in the National Register of Historic Places.

We Have Experience

Galveston’s historic tours cannot be held without coming to terms with the historic neighborhood and its unique real estate. Renters are often unaware of the growing demand for houses in this wonderful part of the state and, therefore, need to plan ahead and leave at least a month to look for and find a nice place just for them. It takes experienced people just like our Segway tour guides to help you settle into a nice, cozy home. Remember, our profound knowledge of the city is real. The neighborhoods don’t just offer places to live, they also have places where events can be held, and if that’s what you are looking for we might just be the solution for you.

Magical History Tour photo

Group tour photo along with our experienced tour guides.

Take our experience and use it to your advantage. Through the thirty-two miles of shoreline, we will help you discover the variety of parks, and you will be able to sink your toes in the sand, explore every fantasy that you might have, and above all, explore the beach’s peculiar personality. Families have the luxury of using rest rooms and showers, souvenir shops, and lifeguards who are very attentive to swimmers, and there are rental umbrellas and chairs available. Both old and young are well taken care of. If not yet convinced, sightseeing will be just the solution for you. Nobody, absolutely no one, can resist the phenomenon of this beach.

The Beauty of Galveston Island

The ocean brings opportunities for a cruise. A touch of the ocean will be the decadent cream on top of your trip, and you will enjoy excursions on Galveston Island. From the decks, you will see the magnificent historic downtown district with its many shops, galleries housed in Victorian buildings, and restaurants. The Texas Seaport Museum and Great Star Oil Rig Museum are only a bit of what you will see and, with our help of course, find before your voyage.

Getting enough of the best just doesn’t happen. We know the Strand Historic District by heart, and each day proves a new and intriguing adventure. By the time your tour comes to a halt, you will definitely want to see more of the district.

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