Why Visit Galveston and Experience the Paranormal

Why Visit Galveston and Experience the Paranormal

Have you ever been scared before? If you believe fear is never a factor that can define you, then you are in for a surprise.

To many, the city of Galveston looks more like a cemetery though it has a beach. Ghost lovers are in for the time of their lives. A touch of thrill and terror is all it takes to leave you screaming your lungs out.

Our guide’s extensive knowledge will let you in on a few secrets about why the island is so haunted.

Being an island, Galveston has always been a perfect hideout for lawbreakers. With slavery and natural disasters have taken so much of the island’s history, we tend to justify the extreme paranormal activities.

Our Segway haunted ghost tour makes sure you question your stand as it introduces you to one of the destinations considered a haven for ghosts.

Stories Behind Galveston’s Scary Reputation

The 1900 hurricane has the most spooky stories stemming from the disaster.

The Mayfield Manor is a place believed to have intense paranormal activity. Its story focuses on Dr. Horace Mayfield, a medical practitioner sent to set up a quarantine courtesy of the hurricane.

His work did not go as planned as he lost his loved ones to the disaster. Today, instead of being called a respected physician, he is remembered for inhumane experiments, for what he did to people as he had already gone mad.

The souls of these victims can hardly rest in peace as their quest for justice persists. There is nothing as good as narration and evidence. Our twenty-minute walk around the house will surely be worth it.

Galveston’s haunted history will unfold with many stories, especially around the cemetery of people who died an unexpected death.

Every year there is a man who whispers on the day of his death, telling his murderers not to kill him, and if they do, they should kill him face down.

This is all too familiar. We tend to assume and forget some events, but they always come back to haunt us.

Hotel Galvez is also a legend. A bride ended up killing herself, her reason being she needed to be with her groom in the afterlife. However, the groom eventually showed up.

Join us as we introduce you to these and more stories that are simply inexhaustible.

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