Welcome to SegCity Tours Galveston, the most entertaining, educational and adventurous place to start your vacation! A place where you will have the privilege to learn how to ride a Segway and with it explore the Magical, Spooky and Mysterious Island of Galveston! Segway Tours of Galveston is the best way to explore the most significant and most important places of the Island. In order to meet everyone’s preferences and touring expectations we have created several different tours. Our professionally trained and certified tour guides will teach you how to safely operate a Segway and guide you on a safe Segway adventure in the heart of downtown passing through the famous Strand, take you to the second largest port of the south and be on a lookout for dolphins swimming in the bay waters. Glide on the world’s largest Seawall with the perfect view of the Gulf of Mexico and feel the breeze and smell of the ocean. You will see the Historical District full with colorful history, breathtaking spooky haunted ghost stories, different architecture, mansions, tree carvings and much more… We guarantee you easy, fun and unforgettable experience with SegCity Tours Galveston and long lasting memory!